Photographic Workshops & Tuition

Introduction to Portraiture Workshop hosted by Clifton Cameras & Sony UK

Introduction to Portraiture Workshop hosted by Clifton Cameras & Sony UK

Photographic Workshops & Tuition

Photography, like any skill, takes time, patience and a lot of hard work to improve. Fortunately, like any skill, there are others who have “been there and done that” and are able to pass on nuggets of wisdom to allow us to cut down our learning curve.

When I first started photography, I learned from as many sources as I could and over time my skills developed and I find myself in the position now to give back and help others improve their photography.

I currently operate on a bespoke basis, meaning if you would like to enquire about the possibility of attending a workshop or receiving one-on-one tuition, please do drop me an email. I cater for groups, camera clubs, businesses, individuals and more.

To give you an idea of some of the topics I can cover:

  • Photography basics “how to use your camera.”

  • Moving out of “auto” and into “manual.”

  • Getting the most out of your gear.

  • Portrait photography.

  • Working with models.

  • Landscape photography.

  • Night photography.

  • Lighting.

  • And more….!

Below are the links to some workshops that I’m currently running along side Clifton Cameras and Sony UK, feel free to check them out and sign up if they are of interest.

An Introduction to Location Portrait Photography with Craig Pitts | 5th September 2019

An Introduction to Night Photography with Craig Pitts | 7th November 2019

An Introduction to Landscape Photography with Craig Pitts | 5th March 2020

Please feel free to drop me a message to discuss your requirements by using the form below.

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