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Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR Hands On Review

Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR Hands On Review

I’ve got a fair few camera bags. Bags for day trips, bags for travel, bags for wilderness adventures and then I’ve got the Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR.

It’s a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, and that’s why I love it. Shooting in urban environments a lot, I want a bag that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself but still looks good and has a lot of functionality, which is exactly what the Tenba Cooper provides.

At first glance it appears to be a sleek and stylish messenger style bag, the kind you see slung over the shoulder of a city trader or fashionista strolling through London, but inside it contains a customisable padded pouch, perfect for safely housing your gear.

Inside the bag you’re able to easily fit a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with about 3 to 4 lenses including a 70-200mm zoom lens. In mine it fits my Canon 5Ds, my Sony A7III, a wide angle 16-35mm, a 50mm and an 85mm prime with no issues.

The quick access zip at the top of the bag makes it easy to access the gear quickly, which is vital when I’m out shooting street and come across an interesting scene.

At the front of the bag there’s a zipped area where you’re able to store keys, wallet, phone and any other important accessories you may need including batteries or spare memory cards.

In the rear of the bag there’s also a padded compartment able to fit a 13” laptop, great for those who like me wish to edit on the move.

The strap is thick and comfortable, which is important when carrying a messenger style bag. There’s also a rain pouch though I’ve never had to use it.

One of the features that may be of interest to photographers who shoot in quiet environments is the near silent velcro. And for those who travel a lot like me, there’s the ability to attach the bag to a rolling case using the loop on the back of the bag.

Although it doesn’t have any tripod supports, I’m able to carry a Manfrotto BeFree tripod seated underneath the outer pouch without any trouble.

All in all, the Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR is a fantastic looking and functional camera bag that I’d recommend if you’re in the market for a new messenger style camera bag.

You can find out more information and find out where to buy this cool bag from the following link - https://www.tenba.com/uk

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