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Studio Test Shoot with Amber Rickard

Earlier this week, I welcomed internationally published model Amber Rickard into the studio for a test shoot whilst teaching my mate and assistant (also Craig) the basics of shooting studio portraiture.

We'd booked Amber for a two hour slot where I planned on running through a number of different looks and lighting setups based off a Pinterest mood board. The goal of the shoot was to show Craig how to break down other photographers lighting setups and recreate them for yourself.

It was important to have an experienced model with patience who was used to working with photographers of all abilities for this shoot hence the reason I decided to book Amber. With a following on Instagram of over 100k and a plethora of positive references, I knew I'd be able to focus on teaching rather than worry about directing the model.

We worked through a range of looks and making sure to include both hard light and soft light setups. I would shoot a couple of frames for each setup then let Craig take over so that he could gain some experience. 

The day before the shoot I'd been to A&E with a suspected rotator cuff tear so I didn't shoot as much as I'd have liked due to having limited mobility in my left arm but I still managed to get some nice test shoot portraits of Amber.

To make it easy for myself I did the entire shoot with just my Sony A7III with the Sigma 85mm f1.4 ART lens!

Thanks to Amber for being a model professional for the duration of the shoot and thanks to Craig for doing all the heavy lifting. Hopefully my injury isn't too serious and I'll be back soon with another shoot to share with you all!