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Bristol Portrait Shoot with Godox AD200

Last week I took delivery of a Pixapro Pika200 flash unit (the UK version of the highly popular Godox AD200.

I'd been testing out some Rotolight Neo 2's (post on this to come) as a portable light capable of doing high speed sync for location portraiture. Unfortunately the Rotolight's, as awesome as they are, weren't powerful enough for my needs so I took the plunge and ordered myself a Pika200 on a bit of a whim.

I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up. For £300 I got the flash unit with a fresnel head, a bare bulb head and the bulb, along with the Sony HSS trigger all packaged nicely in a little case (trigger separate). The build quality felt great for a relatively cheap unit.

Available from Essential Photo 

Available from Essential Photo 


Eagerly I charged it up and took it on a shoot I had planned in Bristol that evening. I started my portraiture journey doing location shoots in Australia using cheap Yongnuo speedlites so it felt familiar as I turned up to the location with one flash and one modifier aiming to get a range of different looks.

My model for the evening was the lovely Jessica, who was recently getting back into the modelling scene and over the space of 90 minutes or so we smashed out a number of looks down by the M-Shed, Bristol Harbourside. 

I shot the majority of the images using the high speed capability of the flash unit, something I'd not really used previously and loved how sharp the images were coming out using faster shutter speeds combined with the already super sharp Sigma 85mm 1.4 ART lens (my favourite lens).

Although it's only my first time out with the Godox, I'm really happy with the results and look forward to using it more often.

Thanks to Jessica for being an awesome model and a great laugh on the shoot!

Below are a few of the edits from the shoot.