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Small Hotel Room Shoot with Ewelina


Last weekend I had the pleasure of working again with Ewelina, shooting in a small vintage style hotel room in Birmingham.

For the shoot I'd borrowed the Sony A7Riii and paired it with the Sony 24-70mm f2.8G. Partly to get familiar with Sony having ordered myself the new Sony A7III and partly because I wanted something with good low light performance and fast autofocus.

Unfortunately the room I got given on this occasion wasn't the same as the one I stayed in when I had the idea for the shoot, which was to mix the vintage style rooms with a contrasting punk/rock kind of style. 

The room was much, much smaller and had virtually no ambient light which made the shoot that much trickier. It also didn't have the cool leather chair from the last room which I was hoping to use as a prop.

The main issues I faced on the shoot were;

  • Space - the room was very small which meant I had to find flattering angles and shoot wider than I'd usually shoot portraits. I ended up abandoning some of my original ideas and ended up shooting some tighter headshots instead. The space also made it difficult to manoeuvre the octabox limiting me to where I could place my light.
  • Light - the room was also very dark which coupled with the fact Ewelina was wearing dark eye makeup, meant the camera had issues using the Eye AF feature and I struggled with focus in general. 

Overall I'm really happy with the shots I ended up with. Ewelina was a star and constantly offered suggestions and ideas to help overcome some of the issues we faced. 

Here's some of my favourite images from the shoot...