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Shoot with Kimberley of BangTidyPhotography

Shoot with Kimberley of BangTidyPhotography


With the launch of my new website, I decided that I could do with a few up-to-date portraits as well as an interesting photo for my 'about me' section.

So last Wednesday I decided to make the trip down to see Kimberley of Bang Tidy Photography after seeing a fair bit of her awesome work around the Bristol Photography scene.

It turned out to be a very interesting experience, given that it was the first time I'd put myself in front of another photographers lens! 

Firstly I became very aware of how difficult it is to be a model. As soon as I sat down, even before the lighting was properly set, I felt super awkward and stiff. 


Luckily Kimberley is very friendly and has some great banter which helped me relax a bit and we managed to get a few different looks done. 

The funniest part of it for me was watching Kimberley's reaction when reviewing images on the back of the camera as all photographers including myself do during a shoot. Although I know she was (probably haha) checking the exposure, shadow position, posing flaws etc I couldn't help but feel so self conscious! 

All in all we ended up having a great shoot and I'll definitely take away some lessons and experience that I can apply in my future shoots and maybe one day I'll put myself back in front of the lens again...

Here's a few of my favourite's from the shoot below!


UK Calendar Girls Cardiff Casting Day

UK Calendar Girls Cardiff Casting Day

Studio Shoot with Louella

Studio Shoot with Louella