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Shooting Gelled Portraits with Profoto B1X

Earlier in the week I welcomed model Shannon into the Clifton Cameras studio to shoot some gelled portraits with the Profoto B1X kit.

I’ve never shot with gels before but I'm a big fan of Neo-noir styled images, vivid colours, neon etc in my own personal work (@craigpittsphoto) so I was excited to be able to experiment with creating artistic portraits using Profoto’s starter gel set.

I kept the lighting setups fairly simple; a two light setup using one Profoto B1X gelled with the OCF Beauty Dish attached to it and the other Profoto B1X gelled with an OCF Stripbox attached to it.

I played around switching light positions and alternating with which light/modifier would be my main light and ended up with some awesome results which you can see below.

You can check out more of Shannon over on her Instagram page @xx_shannon_love_xx

I also made a BTS video over of the shoot which you can watch below. I plan on making a lot more content over on YouTube in 2019 so stay tuned for that and consider subscribing to my channel if you want to see more photography related content!